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Social Fabric Fitness: The Design and Evaluation of Wearable E-Textile Displays

CHI2014 Presentation: Group exercise has multiple benefits including greater adherence to fitness regimens, increased enjoyment among participants, and enhanced workout intensity. While a large number of technology tools have emerged to support real-time feedback of individual performance, tools to support group fitness are limited. In this paper, we present a set of wearable e-textile displays […]

Tiny Arduino Called ButtonDuino – You Can Build Your Own

Would you like to design and build your own Tiny Arduino Like this one? To Build an Tiny Arduino – ButtonDuino – Check this Link: To Build an Arduino Nano Check this Link: To Learn more check the links down below: Windows 10 Course: Arduino PCB Design Course in Altium Course: […]

CES 2015: A 3D Printer for Electronics

More here: The Voxel 8 is an FDM Printer with the ability to print circuits out of conductive filament, allowing for easy prototyping of complex machines. Source Less Expensive Platform Empowers Prototyping Wearables in no time Wearable technology is getting inroads into vertical markets for example , medical related, industrial, and vehicular industrial sectors. […]

How to Design Circuit Boards for Your Hardware Startup – CircuitHub

Join our community on Get in touch on Twitter! SPEAKER Andrew Seddon, CEO @ CircuitHub ( Source Cost Effective Platform Makes it possible for Prototyping Wearables without having difficulty Wearable technology is seeking out inroads into vertical markets that include health-related, industrial, and automobile areas. Wearable technology is seeking out inroads into vertical […]

#iDEAMeets Elena Corchero, Award winning smart materials researcher/ wearable tech designer!

This week, we meet Elena Corchero, a leading wearable tech designer and smart materials specialist. Formally of the MIT Media Lab, Elena knows a thing or two about the future trends in the fashion world and, over the last few years has grown a thriving business around her knowledge and expertise! Want to follow in […]

World Maker Faire 2015: Prometheus

While it may look like a 3D printer, Prometheus is a PCB milling machine that lets you make circuit boards right from your desk. Back on Kickstarter today! Read more here: Stay connected! Blog: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: Source Good Deal Platform Makes it possible for Prototyping Wearables quickly and […]

Maxim MAXREFDES100# Health Sensor Platform | Digi-Key Daily

The MAXREFDES100# is Maxim’s health sensor platform that supports development of a wide variety of health and fitness wearable applications. The fully working hardware and firmware allow you to quickly validate your concept. The platform offers ARM mBed platform support and a PC GUI and Android app. Both direct USB connection and Bluetooth® low energy […]

Giltronics & Associates Inc FLEXIBLE Printed Ciruit Boards Assemblies

Flexible Circuit Manufacturing Giltronics Associates Inc. continues to be an innovator in the field of Flexible Printed Circuit manufacturing. Utilizing proprietary processes and advanced facilities, Giltronics designs and produces Printed Circuit Boards, Flexible Printed Circuits and Value-Added PCB Assemblies. Our Flex Circuits are lightweight, compact, and fit easily into 3 dimensional packaging. They also offer […]

CNC router system with Floating head for PCB milling

Shown here the 604012 CNC router system confgured with a floating head configuration designed to help make very accurate PCB tracks in copper clad PCB material. Source Less Costly Platform Empowers Prototyping Wearables without hassles Wearable technologies are obtaining inroads into vertical markets which include healthcare, industrial, and car industrial sectors. Wearable technologies are acquiring […]

PCB Fremstilling

Min hjemmeside: PCB Fremstilling: Papir: Ætsetank: Andre links: – Alt i elektronik – Arduino stumper, 3D print og andet. – Blandet elektronik og RC – Blandet elektronik – Billig Elektronik – Dansk SparkFun – Alt i elektronik Gode links: – SMD Koder […]