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VGA card repair services by web7days

over heat problem was found in client’s display card while client was engaging in video on-line game. 1.inspection eg cap,burnt,solder,repair , SB(surface,dot,cracks),pcb circuit,soldering technique ask questions 2.check Q1 Mosfet 3. connect power and see if the motherboard can boot or not 4. test CPU 4 main working conditions 5. insert RAM and see if the […]


A short video demonstrating the function of the ATtiny167-based LED ring board I built. Source Lower Price Platform Enables Prototyping Wearables comfortably Wearable technologies are getting inroads into vertical markets just like health related, industrial, and automobile market sectors. Wearable technologies are obtaining inroads into vertical markets that include health related, industrial, and car market […]

Freeplay Zero [Game Pie Advance] Full Build (GPA HowTo) Freeplay Zero (previously known as Game Pie Advance) GPA RetroPie Raspberry Pi Zero source Raspberry Pi 3: 20 of the highest quality projects you can test with the mini PC Received a Raspberry Pi 3? Here are 20 impressive projects to get started on! The Raspberry Pi 3 is regarded as the best starting […]

Samsung TV Repair – Main Board Repair Kit for Board Number BN41-00975

Symptoms: TV turns on and off repeatedly, Red Power LED continuously blinks, TV has No Audio CLICK HERE for This Replacement Kit: TV Model Numbers: HPS4273X/XAA LN32A550P3FXZA LN37A550P3FXZA LN40A500T1FXZA LN40A530P1FXZA LN40A540P2FXZA LN40A550P3FXZA LN40A550P3FXZC LN40A630M1FXZA LN46A500T1FXZA LN46A530P1FXZA LN46A540P2FXZA LN46A550P1FXZA LN46A550P3FXZA LN46A580P6FXZA LN46A630M1FXZA LN52A530P1FXZA LN52A540P2FXZA LN52A550P3FXZA LN52A580P6FXZA LN52A630M1FXZA PN50A510P3FXZA PN50A530S2FXZA PN50A550S1FXZA PN58A550S1FXZA Part Numbers: sj-BN94-01880C sj-BN94-02132J […]

Oukitel K6000 Plus Review – A Ulefone Power 2 Competitor!

This is the Oukitel K6000 Plus, a 6080mAh battery phone that competes directly with the Ulefone Power 2! I highly recommend reading the full written review here! Oukitel K6000 Plus Review – A Ulefone Power 2 Competitor! Oukitel K6000 Plus Specifications: 5.5″ 1920×1080 px IPS LCD from Sharp MediaTek MTK6750T Octacore Processor 4GB RAM, 64GB […]

How To: Remove, Clean, And Replace Socketed ICs, Eproms, And Mask Roms On An Arcade PCB

I received an email from a YTuber who what having some problems with his Street Fighter 2 Pcb and decided I would make this video to help him or anyone else who may be having arcade board trouble. From time to time, the socketed ICs, Eproms, and Mask Roms on an arcade pcb will lose […]

How To Fix a Dead Graphics Card…NOT! – NEVER LET ME SOLDER PCB AGAIN!

How To Fix a Dead Graphics Card…NOT! – NEVER LET ME SOLDER PCB AGAIN! My ASUS RX 460 4GB STRIX graphics card had an accident…well it was my fault. I managed to pull off a capacitor around the PCI-e power input when removing liquid electrical tape which I used to insulate the GPU for sub-zero […]

HP Dv6000 Main Board Solder Reflow GPU Problems fix Oven Method

In this video I show you how I fixed my mums HP DV6000 by putting the main board into the oven to reflow all the solder joints around the GPU and the whole board. Please take the battery out prior putting this into the oven otherwise it may explode!! They are easy to get out […]

How To: Make a Raspberry Pi GameBoy

This video will show how to make your own portable gaming emulator using plans from All of the materials for this project can be purchased at How to program SD card: 3D printing .STF files: Download Cupcade software for Raspberry Pi SD card: Download NES game ROMS: Download MAME […]