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Cooking Vaio laptop motherboard – 8400M GPU solder reflow

— READ BELOW! — Reflowing the solder on my Vaio VGN-FZ18M’s Nvidia 8400M GPU chip. The screen was distorted and had gone a pink colour so we had nothing to lose in trying the cooker method! Please note, this is a oven/microwave combo oven! If you own an FZ laptop with this issue, check the […]

Asian Long Led Printed Circuit Board Firm Listing 2016 – QY Research Reports included a detailed market survey and trends analysis on Global and China PCB & PCBA Industry 2014. This report also includes more info about basic overview of the industry including definitions, applications and industry china structure. For more info visit @ Source Asian Long Led Printed Circuit Board Firm […]

Laptop video BGA reflow with a propane blowtorch

Disclaimer: don’t try this at home – you may start a fire or ruin your computer. The solder joints under by video chip broke AGAIN. There are lines visible on the BIOS splash screen, and the OS would freeze up upon trying to load the GUI. Heat was applied directly to the chip using a […]

Peak to Peak Power – PCB Kit Assembly Instructional Video

tutorial on how to assemble our pcb kits from Source Less Costly Platform Facilitates Prototyping Wearables with more confidence Wearable technologies are acquiring inroads into vertical markets which include medical related, industrial, and car areas. Wearable technologies are finding inroads into vertical markets e . g . health-related, industrial, and vehicle sectors. For example, […]

Dell Inspiron Power Problem Fix

This is a video of a replacement of a Dell Inspiron 1545 DC Jack. Table of Contents: Removal of… Battery 0:09 RAM Memory 0:20 Hard Drive HDD 0:33 CPU Heat Sink Assembly 1:05 Wireless LAN WLAN 1:26 Power Button Assembly 1:36 Keyboard 1:42 Display Assembly 2:05 CDrom Drive 2:46 Laptop case 2:53 Motherboard 3:20 DC […]

Sapphire R9 Nano unboxing

Twitter: | Awesome Graphics Cards! Putting an R9 Nano in my big Phanteks case makes basically no sense, but why the fuck not, right? I’m excited to see the temps on this puppy when we start to benchmark it! Looking for SergeantPope apparel? Check out my Show! Looking to get partnered? […]

Dead AMD Radeon HD6450 & HD6670 — Swollen/Warped Heatsinks

Both of these video cards came in two Dell OptiPlex 990 mini-tower computers, each about 18 months old. The computer with the HD6670 started randomly shutting down, while the computer with the HD6450 failed to boot one day and had no video output. Both incidences happened within three weeks of each other. One computer was […]

T870A Rework Station Temp Settings to Reflow or Reball

1. Attach motherboard to the PCB supports to prevent warping; 2. Possition the motherboard about 4 cm above the preheat plate, and the lamp nozzle about 1.5 to 2 cm above the chip; 3. Place the preheat sensor on the top of the motherboard so it is touching the PCB at the base of the […]

Replacing a surface mount capacitor

I needed to replace the surface mount capacitors on an A600 motherboard. I thought I’d take a little video clip of how it happens for anyone who might be interested. Excuse the shakiness, it was awkward trying to work on something small without blocking the camcorder view or turning the board around 🙂 source