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C.H.I.P. the $9 computer – Unboxed and running!

The C.H.I.P. $9 computer is here! I unbox it for you and boot it up to see what $9 gets you (a lot in my opinion!). I give it two thumbs up, looking forward to experimenting with C.H.I.P. in the future! *** Early adopters with boot up issues please note!! An issue with the CHIP […]

Part 7 – Python & the I2C Library – Onion Omega Crash Course

In this tutorial we take a look at installing & configuring Python & the I2C library with our to our Onion Omega source Raspberry Pi Alternatives: How Come They’re a Better Buy Raspberry Pi is not the baddest small PC around the world, and it is what its competitors are endeavoring to inform the remainder […]

Onion Omega WiFi USB Webcam Stream ONION OMEGA $25 Home Page Command Used: mjpg_streamer -i “ -r 800×600 -f 60 -d /dev/video0” -o “ -p 8080 -w /www/webcam” source Raspberry Pi Alternatives: The Reason They’re a Better Buy Raspberry Pi is not the baddest tiny computer all over the world, and it’s what its rivals are attempting to tell the […]

Top 5 Smallest And Cheapest Single-Board Computers 3

New 5 Amazing Single-Board Computers are here! Are they better or worse than our old friends Arduino and Raspberry Pi? Leave your opinion bellow and SUBSCRIBE US! CLICKABLE TIME: 00:00 – Cubit : A platform that allows everyone to create and invent 01:40 – UDOO Neo : All-in-1 ARM Cortex Embedded Development Board 03:30 – […]

Onion Omega2 Kickstarter Video source Raspberry Pi Substitutes: Exactly Why They Are a Better Buy Raspberry Pi is not the baddest micro computer in the market, and it’s what its contenders are trying to notify the remaining of the world. Now and then, a fresh mini computer is released in the marketplace promising to be the biggest one […]

Omega2: Providing your daily intake of IoT. // Review

The Omega2 has landed and promises to take on the Pi Zero, Teensys, and a swag of other boards. Can this board do what you want it to do easily enough? Or is it just another board in the never ending list of clones. # Little Bird Electronics Logic Level Converter: Logic Level Converter Module […]

Revisión Omega2 Plus de Onion

Hoy os traigo la revisión de la Omega 2 Plus de Onion. Es una pequeña y muy interesante placa Linux de bajo coste orientada al Internet de las cosas (IoT) y que creo que dará mucho de qué hablar. La hemos probado a fondo para ver cómo funciona y la verdad es que es sorprendente. […]

The Onion Omega Dev board (get it for 5$ Only)

The Onion Omega 2 is a Linux computer designed specifically for building connected hardware applications. It combines the tiny form factor and power-efficiency of the Arduino, with the power and flexibilities of the Raspberry Pi. The Omega2 is simple, even for people who are just getting started with building hardware. The Omega2 is affordable, starting […]

Top 5 Single-Board Computers ▶3

Keen on single-board computers? This video is special for you! 5 futuristic minicomputers are exhibited here. Top 5 Single-Board Computers Top 5 Single-Board Computers ▶2 Links: Onion Omega 2 – Raspberry Pi 3 – Wino Board – Tespa – JaguarBoard X86 – CLICKABLE TIME – VIDEO INDEX 00:00 […]

BitBastelei #231 – Onion Omega 2 als 3D-Druck-Steuerung

Der Onion Omega 2 ist ein kleines und günstiges Bastelboard, welches sich zwischen kleinen Mikrocontrollern wie Arduino/ESP8266 und den großen Mini-Computern wie dem Raspberry Pi platziert. Mit 580MHz, 64MB RAM und integriertem WLAN wird er für “Internet of Things”-Anwendungen angepriesen. In diesem Video werden wir einen Blick auf die technischen Daten werfen, uns die Einrichtung […]