Circuit Playground Wearable #3DPrinting

Circuit Playground is our new all-in-one board aimed towards education and beginners. It’s a great a way to practice programming on real hardware with no soldering or sewing required!

There’s lots of simple and easy ways to wear circuit playground. This project uses 3D Printing and flexible material to make a bumper and 2-piece strap.

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Low Priced Platform Helps Prototyping Wearables simply

Wearable technology is getting inroads into vertical markets e . g . health care, industrial, and motor vehicle areas.

Wearable technology is finding inroads into vertical markets including medical, industrial, and car sectors. As an example, special vehicle-health applications which watch fuel efficiency, car rate, and the pulse of a fatigue driver are being introduced by Nissan, BMW, and Mercedes car brands. The cost of wearable technology development boards ranges from low-cost to very highly-priced. Adafruit has built a economical wearable platform named the Flora( were special electronic modules have been designed to collaborate with the microcontroller-based maker board. Below, I’ll examine the Flora’s system architecture by using block, circuit schematic diagrams, and its printed circuit board design. Even, to express the advantage in prototyping wearable device concepts, I’ll offer a mini how-to guideline on electrical wiring and testing a GPS (Global Positioning System) module with the Flora.

In exploring the Adafruit Flora I noticed the wearable device to be made from several subcircuits wired to an 8-bit microcontroller attached with a small circular PCB (Printed Circuit Board). An Atmel ATMEGA32 microcontroller offers the processing power for the Flora, offering six digital pins, two communication pins, and also two serial control lines. All these digital pins and control lines are open to makers, creative designers, and technical engineers by half circle solder pads which surrounds the Flora’s perimeter. In addition to that, a reset control key, mini USB, dual regulated power supply (3.3V/5V supplies), and 3 LEDs (transmit, receive, and power supply situation) fulfill the Flora’s system architecture.

Adafruit presents all of the Eagle Cad circuit schematic diagrams and PCB layout drawings for technical engineers, designers, and also makers focused on testing the mechanical packaging and electronic designs of the Flora on the github web page.

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