Our Company Is Leaders in Printed Circuit Board Manufacture

We have been at the forefront of the circuit card industry of China since 2001. Though many of the processes and equipment employed to produce printed circuit boards are uniform all over shops, How does our manufacturing shine?


To begin with, our company has one of the most ardent teams within the industry.

Combining many years of experience with the hope to provide our buyers with the most reliable experience and product possible, yields a powerful combination. Partner with us, you won’t see automatons performing with their heads lowered aside from the occasional peek up to see the clock on the wall. What you will observe and definitely hear is a active team surroundings, in which persons care passionately about the things they’re doing.

Subsequent is the deepness of expertise and customer focus of our always approachable front-end employees.

From Client Services through CAM, our point of interest is on making sure you will receive the item you like, from the least complicated zero layer to 9 layer multi-layer designs. Thus please do not be amazed if one of our office staff follows up with an inquiry or an idea that helps the manufacturability of your PCBPCB, helps you save investment or makes your design even better.

Third, we’re getting into a Lean-Manufacturing tour to re-examine all of our processes and procedures to gain the very most from our operation.

Traditionally, electronic circuit board producers have not embraced Lean-Manufacturing given it fights with long standing cultures of over-production. Nonetheless, we recognize excess raw and finished goods inventories attempt to hide process and equipment issues. Additionally we notice the goal is not to find ways to make us continually work, but to assist us get the job done smarter.

Another advantage of a staff that cares about, and lead-time productivity possible with Lean-Manufacturing, is the added ability to help our consumers with their quick turn preferences. If you’d like your PCBs in a rush, deliver your files and we can inform you about our greatest turnaround time.

Please call us or Submit Your Data file and we are going to do our best to support.