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Generate Bitcoin 0.02 – 0.5 Bitcoin Daily (Update 2018) – credit card rotation

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Dell Inspiron E1705 Shake n Bake

My E1705 I just got from ebay started doing some interesting stuff soon after getting it. I looked it up and its something that happens to a lot of these laptops. Here is my crack at what youtube user Goldlark did. You can see his video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpzpNI7EBa0 . His video has better quality than […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Dis-Assembly Replacing Sim / SD Card Module SIII GT-i9300

We show you how to disassemble the Samsung Galaxy S3 SIII GT-i9300 Smartphone and replace the Sim Card and Micro Sim Card Module / Circuit Board as I had bend the Sim Card Contacts on the back of the smartphone. Subscribe:)))))) http://goo.gl/QL5cRa Check out some of my other related videos: Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Sony […]

What To Do When Your PC Shuts Down At Random

Another Frankieseshy tutorial. This time, we tackle the ever annoying problem of random PC shutdowns. There are too much possible causes to list, but in this video I go over some of the most common possible reasons this might be happening. We cover checking your cables, power source, power supply unit, graphics card, and monitoring […]

GPU Blower Fan Disassembly And Lubricating for ATI Radeon cards

TheckoHW presents: How to disassemble and lubricate a gpu blower fan. This method also applies to ATI 6xxx and 7xxx series blower fans. This particular fan is from an ATI HD5850 reference card, manufactured by Sapphire. WARNING: OPENING YOUR CARD WILL VOID WARRANTY! This method can be used on every fan that cant be lubricated […]

Fix your laptop/notebook display by reflowing your video card

This video demonstrates how to reflow the video solder on an IBM t41p laptop motherboard. But it should work the same for most makes and models of notebooks/laptops that have damaged video cards to the motherboard. source