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AMD R9 290 Repair Vlog PART1

Fixing a busted AMD R9 290 4gb GPU, how will it fare to the S1G…. Thanks For Watching! Please Subscribe for more videos. Please use the links below to get deals and help the channel! DealXtreme: http://www.dx.com/?Utm_rid=62621611&Utm_source=affiliate Precision Tool Starter Kit: http://goo.gl/aoOwV0 Cheap Gaming Keyboard + Mouse: http://goo.gl/0dsTmY This Channel: www.Youtube.com/Slot1Gamer Website: www.Slot1Gamer.com Twitter: @Slot1Gamer […]

IGS PGM Motherboard Repair: Acid Removal, Trace Repair, Solder Reflow

This thing was dead as a door nail. didnt do a thing. leaky battery caused serious corrosion on several traces on the board. resistor packs needed to be removed and controls didnt work ect. source

Game Boy Zero with custom SD card reader game cartridge

UPDATE: I set up a blog where I’ll be posting how-to guides for this project. You can also enter there for a chance to win the one I’ll be building! http://www.sudomod.com I made a RetroPie handheld using a Raspberry Pi Zero and an original DMG-01 Game Boy. I modified an original Game Boy cartridge to […]

How To: Remove, Clean, And Replace Socketed ICs, Eproms, And Mask Roms On An Arcade PCB

I received an email from a YTuber who what having some problems with his Street Fighter 2 Pcb and decided I would make this video to help him or anyone else who may be having arcade board trouble. From time to time, the socketed ICs, Eproms, and Mask Roms on an arcade pcb will lose […]

Game Boy Zero Custom Part Build Guide Part 1

Part 1 of the all-custom/aftermarket part Game Boy Zero guide! No original Game Boy or Game Boy parts harmed! Written guide here (with full list of parts): http://sudomod.com/game-boy-zero-custom-parts-guide-part-1 Music by Chipzel: The Art of War Sonnet Only Human All from the album Spectra: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/spectra/id701047872 source Raspberry Pi 3: 20 of the finest projects you can […]

UpRight Pose – wearable that trains you to sit upright

@vblog_tech @uprightpose http://www.cesvblog.com/ Home Page #ces2016 #gadgets #vr #gaming #IoT #startup #wearables #health Tweets by vblog_tech info //at// cesvblog.com Ariel Shapira Hod Berman Source Low Priced Platform Makes it possible for Prototyping Wearables without troubles Wearable technologies are seeking out inroads into vertical markets which include health care, industrial, and vehicular industrial sectors. Wearable technologies […]

Ben Heck’s Virtual Boy Part 2: Rebuild

Ben and Karen redesign a Nintendo Virtual Boy console as wearable virtual reality gaming headset. The new unit is sleeker and has different focus controls to allow it to be worn on your head like a modern VR helmet. It flips up like a welding helmet and promises portability not found on other VR systems! […]