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What is Eddystone

Eddystone is an open source platform launched by Google that enables contextual and proximity based experience delivery to users with the help of beacons. The platform is hosted on #Github. Eddystone Technology works on Bluetooth low energy similar to ibeacon technology. Being platform agnostic, Eddystone can be leveraged by any app developer to create location […]

Eddystone beacons: Everything you need to know

Apart from all the excitement around Eddystone, there has also been a fair amount of confusion about how its introduction will affect businesses’ ongoing beacon projects. This webinar talks about all such concerns and answers FAQs on Eddystone. Download this e-book on ‘how to set up your beacon pilot’ to learn everything about setting up […]

Bluetooth Beacons – Free Bluetooth Beacons – Bluetooth 5, Ibeacon, Eddystone,

bluetooth beacons – free bluetooth beacons – bluetooth 5, ibeacon, eddystone are available for free just pay shipping and handling. proximity beacons ? | marketing 24/7 ? | eddystone / ibeacon. there are a lot of bluetooth beacons on amazon if you want to take a look… how do these formats work what can you […]

Eddystone vs iBeacon: The Big Beacon Battle 2016 | Pulsate Academy

Eddystone vs iBeacon: The Big Beacon Battle In this episode you’ll learn about the “Big Beacon Battle”. Until recently Apple’s iBeacon Protocol had been the only game in town until Google entered the proximity marketing arena with their very own Beacon protocol called “Eddystone”. Today we will look at how both Eddystone Beacons and iBeacon […]