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The Physical Web Revisited – Bkon

The Physical Web has huge potential to change the way web content and services are discovered in the physical world. We talk to Richard Graves, the CEO of Bkon, a company who have gone “all in” on the Physical Web and Eddystone URL. We learn about a massive change that Google is poised to make […]

Physical Web Update – Beeem

We talk with Beeem’s CEO Ferenc Brachmann at the Bluetooth SIG World Event in Silicon Valley about the latest news on the Physical Web, major changes to Chrome and the work his company is doing with retail brands who are early adopters of Eddystone URL. For more interviews and articles from the author of Beacon […]

The Physical Web Revisited with Beeem

We talk with Ferenc Brachmann – CEO of Beeem about their work creating tools to enable the publishing for the Physical Web and their experience with Eddystone URL beacons at the European Table Tennis Championships. For more interviews and articles from the author of Beacon Technologies see https://www.mister-beacon.com Listen to the audio version at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/mister-beacon/id1123889923?mt=2 […]

Drone Manufacturer DJI Success Story in Hindi | Founder Frank Wang

DJI का पूरा नाम है Dai jiang innovations, जिसकी शुरुआत 2006 मैं frank wang ने की थी | जो की Hong Kong university of science and technology के engineering के स्टूडेंट थे. इसका मुख्यालय Shenzhen शहर China मैं है | This is our new initiative to know more about Successful companies and their stories in […]

Flexible Circuit Technologies at IDTechEx Wearable USA

An interview with Flexible Circuit Technologies at the IDTechEx Wearable USA exhibition. Flexible Circuit Technologies is a designer and producer of flexible and rigid-flex circuits and a supplier of assembly services. For more information see http://www.flexiblecircuit.com/ and http://www.IDTechEx.com Source Cheap Platform Enables Prototyping Wearables in no time Wearable technology is getting inroads into vertical markets […]