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The Physical Web Revisited – Bkon

The Physical Web has huge potential to change the way web content and services are discovered in the physical world. We talk to Richard Graves, the CEO of Bkon, a company who have gone “all in” on the Physical Web and Eddystone URL. We learn about a massive change that Google is poised to make […]

10 Questions About Bluetooth Beacons and Proximity Marketing!

10 most common questions about Bluetooth beacons and Proximity Marketing Bluetooth beacon newsletter: http://www.subscribepage.com/beacon-newsletter Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/340104123070639/ Burritos: http://www.paypal.me/utahseoninja Does Eddystone only work with websites that are HTTPS? In order to use the Eddystone function, the site the user ends on has to have an SSL certificate. By that, I mean that you can use […]

Developing with Beacons (100 days of Google Dev)

Beacons are all about adding context to the world whether at a specific place like your favorite store or moving around like a taxi. With this context, you can provide an experience for your user that requires fewer steps while being richer and more relevant. When you use Google together with your beacons, you get […]

Physical Web Remote URL Redirects

Our platform has been updated since we created this video. Please check out the videos in our BKON Platform Demos playlist for the most up to date tutorials. Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions. Remotely control the destination links for each of your beacons. There are no limits on the number of times […]

Using Nearby with Beacons (100 days of Google Dev)

Marc Wandschneider walks through the steps necessary to use the Nearby Messages API with beacons. Nearby Messages is a new API that enables your device to react to nearby objects and micro-locations such as bus stops, train platforms, or even indoor locations such as exhibits in a museum. BLE beacons — such as those that […]

Physical Web Update – Beeem

We talk with Beeem’s CEO Ferenc Brachmann at the Bluetooth SIG World Event in Silicon Valley about the latest news on the Physical Web, major changes to Chrome and the work his company is doing with retail brands who are early adopters of Eddystone URL. For more interviews and articles from the author of Beacon […]

The Physical Web Revisited with Beeem

We talk with Ferenc Brachmann – CEO of Beeem about their work creating tools to enable the publishing for the Physical Web and their experience with Eddystone URL beacons at the European Table Tennis Championships. For more interviews and articles from the author of Beacon Technologies see https://www.mister-beacon.com Listen to the audio version at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/mister-beacon/id1123889923?mt=2 […]

Eddystone URL Setup & Test

This tutorial has been made to assist users setup Avvel’s Eddystone Beacons to broadcast the Eddystone URL. The video ends with a method of testing the Beacon. For support please click visit: http://avvel.co.uk/eddystone-url To purchase Eddystone Beacons from us visit: http://avvel.co.uk/eddystone For more information visit us at http://avvel.co.uk © Avvel International 2015 source

How To Set Up Your Beacon To Broadcast Eddystone URL

This video will show you how to program your beacon to broadcast Eddystone URL signals. This tutorial is part of a video about a Physical Web enabled movie poster, which you can check out here- https://youtu.be/HRP1tfXHiVg source

What Is Proximity Marketing? – What Are Bluetooth Beacons? – Advertise Your Business For Less!

Proximity Marketing Devices Work! – Royalty Gem Bluetooth Beacons- Advertise Your Business For Less With Royalty Gems.. Visit https://proximitywealth.com Join the TOP Team In The Industry! Feel Free to Call or Text Me @ 321-258-0174 Youtube Video Url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLeWbFAgDoU Learn How To Get More Customers and Sales To Your Business With Bluetooth Advertising Beacons and […]