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China Al Circuit Board Provider Directory 2017

A look at an old AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) PCB that I was asked if I could fix. these devices are used in generators to regulate the output voltage, which they do by varying the DC excitation of the rotating (rotor) central core of a generator. A generator works by spinning a polarised magnetic field […]

Introducing the new Orange Pi 2 G IOT 2017 | Raspberry Pi Zero W Rival

For More updates, Logon to www.greenterminal.in https://www.facebook.com/mygreenterminal/ Orange Pi has come out with its own counter to the Raspberry Pi Zero W. The Orange Pi 2G-IoT have an 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 at the same time it provides a 2G Mobile Radio for cellular connectivity. The 2G radio supports GSM/GPRS data connections, and there […]

Circuit Playground Wearable #3DPrinting

Circuit Playground is our new all-in-one board aimed towards education and beginners. It’s a great a way to practice programming on real hardware with no soldering or sewing required! There’s lots of simple and easy ways to wear circuit playground. This project uses 3D Printing and flexible material to make a bumper and 2-piece strap. […]